What makes vaporizers healthier than smoking marijuana? Vaporizers let go of the plant’s active compounds by employing gentle heat instead of a flame. When heated at the correct temperature, tetrahydrocannabinol or THC – the major psychoactive ingredient of marijuana – turns to vapor without burning the plant.

This is preferable than smoking marijuana that burns the plant and frees toxic chemicals. Some of these dangerous chemicals are known to trigger cancer and other respiratory diseases.

Unlike smoking, vaporization creates a thin mist that you can breathe in. This vapor is more powerful than smoke and tastes good too. Many studies have proven that it is okay to inhale marijuana rather than smoke it. Researchers say that a smoked joint obstructs air flow like five cigarettes. Others add that smoking marijuana leads to the same amount of lung damage as two to five cigarettes. With vaporization, less than five percent of the toxins make their way to the body.

Indeed, chronic emphysema (a disease of the lungs) is not common in marijuana smokers. This ailment was found in’.9 percent of cigarette smokers and only 1.3 percent of marijuana smokers. Still, those who smoke pot for a long period are prone to asthma and bronchitis. So utilizing a vaporizer is still a good deal.

As millions of marijuana smokers are becoming more health-conscious, the need for vaporizers becomes clearer. A quality vaporizer may be costly at first but it has several health benefits that make it a better choice.

Studies done by California NORML and the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies have shown that vaporizers can quickly bring marijuana inside the body without bringing harmful toxins along. These toxins include highly cancerous polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons. With vaporizers, these toxins can be stopped and medical marijuana patients become worry-free.

Why A Vaporizer is Essential

What can a vaporizer do for you? You’ll certainly gain a lot if you’re a medical marijuana patient. With the help of vaporizers, users can safely inhale the active ingredients of marijuana while avoiding harmful toxins from smoking this plant.

Permit me to explain how this is so. In smoking, marijuana is burned. Combustion frees the active ingredients of the plant together with other bad chemicals that can make you ill. In vaporization, marijuana is placed on a plate and heated at a temperature that won’t burn the plant but will simply vaporize or release its active ingredients.

Since the active ingredients are inhaled rather than smoked, they are quickly absorbed by the body. Other toxic chemicals and noxious gasses associated with smoking are also reduced if not eliminated.

Which vaporizer should you pick? There are several models to select but they work in the same way. In the same manner, they can be used to vaporize numerous herbs and plants. To get the most out of vaporization, here are some things to keep n mind:

Don’t squash your herb or beat it into a powder. Lightly grind it into small pieces and allow the vaporizer to do the rest. Turn on the vaporizer and wait till it’s ready to go. The waiting time will depend on your model but this generally takes about five to 10 minutes.

Spread the plant evenly on the plate so it will vaporize easily. This takes around five minutes. When the herb turns gold or brown and you see a fine mist, you can now breathe in the active ingredients. Turn off the vaporizer when no additional vapors are formed.

Don’t ingest more than necessary. Take note that the vapor doesn’t have to be as cloudy as smoke for it to do its job. Only a small amount is needed for it to work. That’s the nice thing about vaporization.