Articles about Seniors using Medical Cannabis

Would You Give Up Booze For A Bud? by Laurel Dewey (November 14, 2012) Huffington Post

NORML’s Eleven Surprising Things About Marijuana That Seniors Need to Know by Allen St. Pierre. (November 3, 2012) NORML

The Interesting Rise of Seniors within Medical Marijuana by United Patients Group. (September 26, 2012) United Patients Groups

Reefer tokin’ seniors in South Florida see pain go up in smoke by Robert Nolan. (July 23, 2012) Sun Sentinel 

Seniors’ marijuana collective stirs a fuss by Gillian Flaccus. (June 09, 2011) Associated Press

Why Growing Numbers of Baby Boomers and the Elderly are Smoking Pot by Daniela Pedomo. (February 25, 2010) Alternet

Marijuana Smoking on the Rise for Seniors by Matt Sedensky. (February 22, 2010) Huffington Post

Slide Show: Medical Marijuana and the Seniors Who Rely on It by Steve LaBadessa. (August 30, 2011)  The Nation

Rossmoor Residents Find Ways to Have Pot Delivered to their Door by Gilbet Doubet. (May 27, 2010) Walnut Creek Patch

Organizations I Like…Check them out! 

The Silver Tour. Robert Platshorn designed this site to help seniors learn more about medical cannabis and at the same time raise awareness of the power of the “Senior Cannabis Vote!” 

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP). This organization is comprised of former and retired law enforcement officers works vigilantly to inform the public about the consequences of drug prohibition.

Patients Out of Time. This organization works tirelessly to return cannabis to legitimate medicine within the United States. Their website is chocked full of medical information relating to cannabis!  

The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML). This is the grandparent of all cannabis reform sites.  Learn more about them!

Americans for Safe Access (ASA).  This group works tirelessly to ensure that Americans have safe and legal access to cannabis for medical and research purposes.