Every year thousands of people who suffer from medical conditions turn to marijuana to help ease their symptoms and pain. These people swear by the effects that Medical marijuana has on their life and how it helps to ease the suffering that they go through each year. Many people will debate the effects that this drug can have on their life. Many states have legalized the use of medical marijuana for people who suffer from certain medical conditions.

The primary medical condition that medical marijuana is used to treat is cancer. It has been proven that marijuana has the potential to help aid in the relief of the symptoms of this disease. Many states have seen the use of this in treating certain conditions and as a result passed laws that allow for the medical use of the drug.

One of these states is California. This state was one of the first to pass laws that allow for the use of marijuana in the treatment of medical conditions. Of course this does not mean that you can just freely go out to your local dealer and buy the drug claiming that it is for the use of a medical treatment. You will need to make sure that you go to a doctor to get a recommendation letter that will allow you to buy it from certain places that are licensed to sell it in certain quantities. Other ways to purchase and sell the drug are illegal and that should be clearly understood.


In addition to cancer, marijuana has been proven to have benefits when treating glaucoma. There has been research done that shows the effectiveness of the drug in treating this disease and helping a person to live a much more enjoyable life. Marijuana has been proven to help with this condition and, as a result, allows a person relief from the effects of glaucoma.


People who suffer from agitation of Alzheimer’s have found that using the drug provides a person a way to not be so agitated. This is the reason why there has been an increase in the number of older patients that use the drug; medical Marijuana can aid in reducing the detrimental effects that Alzheimer’s can have on a person.


It has been proven in the past that people who suffer from Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) are able to receive relief from the disease. There are a number of reports that are out there that have well documented case studies that show the positive effects that marijuana has on the symptoms that a person suffers from.

Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis is another condition which marijuana can be used to help alleviate the daily symptoms of. Marijuana can help to reduce the Muscle pain, spastic, tremors and even the unsteadiness of the disease that can be relieved by Marijuana.


For those suffering from Epilepsy Marijuana use has been shown to greatly reduce the amount of seizure that they suffer. This is due to the calming effect of the marijuana on the neuromuscular systems. This is a classic example of the life enhancing effects that marijuana can have on patients with qualifying conditions.

Chronic pain

Marijuana helps to reduce the pain caused from a wide variety of disorders. Including heart conditions, arthritis, migraines, ulcers and degeneration disc disorder and Fibromyalgia

Anxiety, Depression or Obsession

The use of Medical Marijuana for these disorders is till highly debated and controversial as these are sometimes considered side effects of marijuana use itself. While the studies of Marijuana use for these conditions has been inconclusive at best it has been noted in many cases that after a period of these conditions being made worse they greatly improved with long term usage.

There are several studies showing the many benefits of medical marijuana. In order to use Marijuana for medical reasons you will first need to reside in a state where it is legalized for medical use. You will also need to make sure that you receive the documentation from your doctor that will allow you to obtain the marijuana that you need.