We work with Cannabis companies, dispensaries, and advocacy groups seeking to reach and inform seniors who use medical Cannabis about their products and purpose.  

We represent seniors and their families, geriatric advocacy groups, hospitals and nursing facilities to make sure that patients’ needs regarding medical cannabis are being met.  These needs include methods of medical cannabis consumption, monitoring of medical cannabis administration, and working with families and stakeholders in understanding the range and effects of medical cannabis.


  • Senior Medical Cannabis Use: A Historical Perspective
  • Senior Medical Cannabis Use and Voting Patterns
  • Geriatric Facilities Futures Planning for Medical Cannabis
  • Best Methods: Working with Families of Medical Cannabis Patients


Senior Medical Cannabis provides both qualitative and quantitative research question/method development; survey construction, implementation & analysis; and stakeholder participation procedures for your organization. Our research selection and protocols are determined by your needs.

Spread the Word

We have several ways to help your group or organization understand more about Seniors and Medical Cannabis. This information is provided in a non technical presentation for general interest audiences.